Gear List

A current insight into my set up.


PDP CX Shells

10″,12″,14″, and 16″ toms

22×20 Bass Drum

14″ Pearl Masters Maple Snare

6″,8″, and 10″ Pulse Roto Toms



Evans EC2 on Toms.

Evans HD Dry on Snare.

Evans EMAD on Kick.



Pro-Mark Mike Portnoy Signature 420

Pro-Mark Hickory Nylon Tip 5A

Pro Mark Hickory Wood Tip 747

Pro-Mark Hot Rods



LP Rock Ridge Rider Cowbell

LP Black Beauty Cowbell (x2)

LP 7” Ice Bell

Pearl Quick Draw Tambourine



Sabian 13” AAX X-Celerator Hats

Sabian 14″ AAX Studio Hats

Sabian 17” AAX Dark Crash

Sabian 16″ AAX Dark Crash

Sabian 16″ AAXplosion Crash

Sabian 15” AAX Dark Crash

Sabian 14″ AAXplosion Crash

Sabian 21″ HHX Groove Ride

Sabian 21” AAX Memphis Ride

Sabian 10” AAX Splash

Sabian 9” AAX Max Splash

Sabian 8” AAX Splash

Stack – Sabian 16″ AA Metal-X Crash and Sabian 14″ B8 Pro Mini China

Sabian 16″ HHX China(x2)

Sabian 12″ HHX Evolution Splash



Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator Double Bass Pedal (x2)
Pearl P-122 (x2)

Pearl BC-900 Boom Cymbal Stand (x2)

Pearl B-1000 Boom Cymbal Stand

Pearl Straight Cymbal Stand

Pearl CH-70 Boom Cymbal Holder (x2)

PDP Hi Hat Stand

PDP Boom Cymbal Stand


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Kyle Brian