Mixing Engineer

Professionally engineered mixing for your original music. Avaialble to work in most genres.

A Mixing Engineer

What to expect:
A guide to hiring a Mixing Engineer

It is always best to come at a project with as many details worked out as possible. This prep work will allow for less cost on you, the artist, since the artist doesn’t have to do guesswork in creating what’s in your head.
A mixing engineer has one goal: making your vision come to life.
In order to best accomplish this goal, they will need some guidance. This guidance includes the overall feel to the song, the style of the song, the emotion behind the song, and the inspiration or backstory to the music. What do you as the artist wish to convey? What other producers do you like and admire the works of?
Even if all of the details haven’t been worked out, Kyle will work with you to record the song you had envisioned. 

Black Out Black Out

by Kyle Brian Abbott with Street Lynx

Mixing Example

Black Out Black Out

Buckle Up

by Kyle Brian Abbott with The Pleasure

Mixing Example

Circus of sound

Mixing Example

Take Me Down

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Complete payment.
Tracks are yours forever!

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