Recording Engineer

Professional recording studio time for your music. Avaialble to work in most genres.

Studio Time

What to expect:
A guide to hiring a Recording Engineer

It is always best to come at a project with as many details worked out as possible. This prep work will allow for less cost on you, the artist, since the artist doesn’t have to do guesswork in creating what’s in your head.
When booking studio time, having more prepped makes your studio time go smoothly and allows you to get the most out of your hours. There is no limit to the number of tracks when recording with Kyle at his sunny Los Angeles, CA Studio. You have a full 12 hour day to record what you can in this time slot. Hours variable to meet your schedule and artistic needs.
Even if all of the details haven’t been worked out, Kyle will work with you to record the song you had envisioned. 

How it Works-
First get your quote.
Deposit your 50% down payment.
Review the recording(s).
Complete payment.
Tracks are yours forever!

Let’s Start a Project!

Kyle Brian